Frozen Pork

After deep freezing by – 50ºC we store our products by -18º Celsius in our storage facilities. Goods are shipped to you in special refrigerated containers of -18ºC.

Packing: 1 Polly bags of 10kg each = 10kg per cartoon.
We can also provide customized packing as required by buyer.
We load 28MT per 40Ft containers,


Frozen pork feet/pork hind feet/pig feet/pig hind feet – always supplied from Fresh Produce.

Top quality a grade, 100% health certified, prompt delivery and discount prices. contact us for full product details.

The best  Quality approved Frozen Pork.  We ship directly to all Asian ports, and we are registered to supply and deliver directly to China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

We supply the below cuts

frozen pork loin, chainless, boneless
frozen pork trimming 80/20
frozen pork bloody trimming 80/20
frozen pork trimming 70/30
frozen pork trimming 60/40
frozen pork trimming 50/50
frozen pork diaphragm trimming
frozen pork jowls, rindless, frozen pork shanks
frozen pork liver ,pork shanks and back shanks
frozen pork esternon , shanks and back shanks
frozen pork loin ribs and pork shanks
frozen pork regular back fat
frozen pork soft fat
frozen pork knee , frozen pork shanks
frozen pork cutting fat , pork collar
frozen pork back fat , pork meat
frozen pork heads,jowls and tongue
frozen pork stomachs , pork intestine
frozen pork front feet , frozen pork back hind


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